About Us

Welcome! We are a food truck located at a beautiful vegetable farm on the Baker River with the desire to NOURISH people with the bounty of New Hampshire farms, forests and fields. We cook seasonal food, which is grown, raised or foraged within 100 miles or so of Plymouth, NH. We seek to work outside of the industrial agricultural model to provide chemical free, humanly raised food that doesn’t hurt the earth, the animals or the people that eat it. Our motto is “If it grows together, it goes together” and we have personal relationships with all of the farmers we work with to ensure that the local food community continues to grow stronger. It’s time to end food grown in depleted soils, with no care for the environment or the health and wellness of the people that eat it. It’s time to end our support of industry that cares only about its size and profitability, industry that exploits the workers who grow the food, industry that operates without heart, soul or sense of responsibility. It’s time to honor the farmers and landscape that give us health and NOURISH our bodies, minds and souls! Join us on our journey of conscientious food service! Call or message us with questions concerning any food event that you may need help with


Dunstan Smith

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